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Drug Abuse Help and Treatment

Quite often, we see that our beloved ones fall prey to drug addiction. Irrespective of whether they are friends or family members, it is very important that we help them out in getting out of the habit. With the skyrocketing in the number of drug abusers around the world, awareness on drug abuse help and treatment options have become a necessity.

Read ahead to understand the complexity involved in the treatment and the nuances involved in the rehabilitation process.

Overview of Drug Abuse Treatment

Step 1: Self acceptance: The treatment for drug abuse commences with self-acceptance. Once the drug abuser accepts him and come to a consensus on getting himself treated to get into a better and peaceful living that would be the best start this process would have.

Step 2: Medicinal Detox: As the next step, it is important the remains of the entire drug should get out of the abuserís system. But this cannot happen all of a sudden. It commences with an assessment where the reports reveal the intensity of addiction to the different drugs. The longer the period of drug abuse, the more would be the time taken. When this process is on, it is important to consider the effects of this detox on the mental and the psychological state of the abuser. The detoxification should be gradual. This can be done via a couple of mechanisms. They include brief hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Care.

  • Brief Hospitalization: In this case, the patient is often asked to meet the doctor for 3-5 days a week for around 5-6 hours. This is usually prescribed for a regular drug abuser who really intends to get out of that habit.
  • Intensive Outpatient Care: This is usually prescribed for casual addicts where they are asked to meet for 2-4 days a week for around 3-4 hours.

Step 3: Counseling and Therapies: Once the abuser completes the medical detox, he is often asked to attend counseling sessions. They not only help in keeping the ex-drug addict away from relapses but provide enormous encouragement and support for a peaceful living. They educate the drug abusers on the benefits of clean living and make them understand the ill effects of drug abuse completely in such a way that they start loathing the very idea of drug intake. In exclusion to the counseling session, the ex-drug addicts can also adhere to the daily therapies prescribed by your medical practitioner. The counseling sessions should also help them to understand the triggers that could cause the drug ravings in you. They should be able to educate the drug takers on how to defend against the yearnings on drug use.

Step 4: Clean Living: Once the drug abuser is done with the counseling and is on a therapy routine, it is very critical that he keeps himself away from drug intake even amidst uncontrollable cravings. In this circumstance, it is important that the drug addict joins self help groups and rehabilitation clubs near their residence. This would not only help them in getting a boost of support but would also help them get rehabilitated with the society, family members and friends with ease comfortably.

Tips to Find the Right Drug Abuse help and Treatment Options

  • First and foremost, it is important to check whether the rehabilitation center that the drug abuser of his well wisher chooses has obtained the license in all respects.
  • Popularity and Success rates count. Ask your friends first on whether they have an idea of the effective treat programs offering rehab centers in your area.
  • If else, just go ahead and talk openly with your medical practitioner. He should be able to get it even better.
  • Consider the various treatment options offered at different centers.
  • Financially, see to it that you would be able to support the rehabilitation course.
  • Opt for flexible centers that can really your problems regarding timing and requirements.
  • Post-rehabilitation Programs offered need intent consideration. This is where the chances of relapse are very high. The family members, friends and well wishers should render cooperation in all aspects. Even when pressures mount, hot discussions should be discouraged with the drug abuser. Let him be cool and relaxed as long as he intends to.
  • Check out the accessibility of the location that you choose. The rehabilitation center should be near to where you are put up. Otherwise, that becomes a burden and for every session, you would have to travel a long distance and that brings in a feeling of hesitance in proceeding further.
  • One specific treatment procedure may not be suitable for all. So it is important to choose the one that suite the drug abuserís unique needs
  • It is very critical that the drug abuser adheres to the treatment till he completely comes out of his drug habits. Even after that it is important that he is in close connection with self help groups, 12 step programs and healthier lifestyle.
  • Periodic assessment of the treatment is very much mandatory. Based on the assessment, changes need to be done and initiatives towards improvement can set the boat sail smooth for long.
  • Medications are the most important part of drug treatment. The drug abuser has to take proper dosages of medicine as per the physicianís advice.
  • If the drug abuser is suffering from dual diagnosis, it is really essential that he gets treatment for his drug habits and metal illness in parallel. Treating one and deserting the other problem will only complicate things even further.
  • Withdrawal from drug habits is a very long term process. It requires patience and motivation.

How and Where to Find the Right Drug Abuse Treatment Options

When you really want to find the right drug abuse treatment option for your beloved one, try one of the following viable options

  1. Ask friends and well wishers. Get to know from experienced persons too. Try to get help from self help groups and approach nar-anon and co-anon groups that are available in your area. They can help you with the type and mode of treatment that your beloved one would need.
  2. You can get help from SAMHSA. The Treatment Facility Locator of this group can easily help you locate the treatment option that would suit you the most.
  3. A local drug locator agency can even help you in this regard.
  4. If you have a family doctor or a regular medical practitioner who is aware of all your health problems, he can be the best person who can suggest the most suitable rehabilitation center for you.
  5. A research online can give you tips but it cannot exactly get you the details of rehabilitation agency. Take the tips and do your homework to find the best one.
View Drug Abuse Treatment Centers and Programs by State and Statistics

What is that you have to do to get yourself/ Beloved One Treated?

When you intend to get yourself or your beloved one treated, it is important that you understand the process well in advance.

  • First of all, willingness and motivation from the drug abuser is very much essential to commence this process. If your beloved one is half hearted to go ahead, motivate him. Nothing can be successful just by forcing or pushing things on someone.
  • Even if there is motivation, it is important that your or your beloved oneís circle of friends is good and motivating. It should be such that it promotes clean and sober living.
  • Mental and moral support from the family can only result in successful withdrawal. Even when tension mounts or pressure builds during the daily routine, it is important to keep the drug addict motivated. He/She should never be insulted/ill-treated for this wrong habit of his. Positive thinking and behavioral counseling can help at such instances.
  • Patience is very essential. The withdrawal process is a very long term process. Be patient and wait for the abuser to completely come out of the habit.
  • There is every chance that the drug addictís family may be in shambles with respect to finance. So, plan well in advance and make sure that you are in better financial position before you opt for such withdrawal procedures.
  • Stress management and psychological withdrawal should be a step by step process during the drug withdrawal.
  • Make sure that the drug addict is in constant touch with the self help groups till he rejoins the society peacefully. Attending regular sessions there can really help him in understanding what is good and bad.
  • Changes with respect to withdrawal may not pacify the drug addict. Emotionally, he may become disturbed. In such instances, it is critical that the family members and friends extend their fullest cooperation to get the addict out of the habit soon.
  • Identify the triggers that induce the drug addict to opt for drug usage. Make sure that he is not into surroundings that are filled with triggers.
  • Relapse is what should be taken care towards the dawn of the withdrawal process. Healthy lifestyle and sober living amidst self help groups and regular counseling sessions would really help in this regard.

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